Susie, Johnny, Sally, and Jeff were working at their desk. Johnny was raising his hand to go to the bathroom.

While Jack and Nicole were squeezing paper together at the arts and crafts center, Amanda was looking at the fish in the back of the room.

Then Miss Walters saw everyone talking about the 100th day of school, so she called everyone back to the carpet to talk to them about the 100th day of school. 

Meanwhile Judy was raising her hand to circle the 10th day of school on the school calendar.

When Miss Walters told them how close the 100th day was, they jumped out of their seats shouting “hooray!"

Sally had put two thumbs up, while Jeff put up a peace sign and laughed.

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    Kristoff Pressley wrote this story loosely based on his teacher and classmates, when he was a Grade 3 student. Today, he is 21 and remembers very little about the occasion. 


    February 2014